Mercoledì 24 maggio 2023

Liston 12 - Piazza Brà - Verona


This event will introduce you to the concept of critical thinking and how to apply it to your profession and life. 

During the meeting, you will explore key definitions of critical thinking, analyse sources critically, recognise, assess and create a critical argument. After a brief introduction to new terminology, participants will work in groups to develop a topic based on critical thinking skills. The workshop is meant to be educational and interactive.

At least Level A2 English is suggested in order to converse, however there will be native speakers available to facilitate the conversation.

No matter your level of English, these workshops are designed to challenge you, but also to have fun!! 

There will be a light aperitivo before the workshop begins at 7 pm.

Verona PWN is pleased to offer participants a welcome drink at the event. 

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